Regifting Auction

This event has passed.

Regifting Auction

Pastor Derek will wield the gavel for our first annual regifting auction for the Old Sloop Fleet. The event will take place on July 17 in the sanctuary following worship. Did you think about selling that lovely but unwanted Christmas gift at our recent yard sales? Still have it? You can donate it to our “anything goes” auction. Then come to the auction and join in the fun!

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All you have to do is:

  1. Pull out some wrapping paper—Christmas, holiday, or whatever you have!
  2. Wrap up your donations.
  3. Attach a note indicating for what age the gift is appropriate.
  4. Bring the wrapped gifts with you to church for the sale.
  5. Bid on whatever brightly wrapped items you choose.

The regift can be a joke gift—like a roll of toilet paper or can of pet food—or a truly awesome present. Your gift can be nice or silly, strange or funny. Come prepared to bid on someone else’s gift-wrapped treasure. All to support our Old Sloop Fleet!

The Old Sloop Fleet is an active, quiet ministry in its fifteenth year of service. Its many volunteers “share the love” on behalf of the whole congregation offering support, encouragement, condolence, assistance, or congratulations.

Old Sloop Fleet volunteers “sail” into our lives with cards and notes, calls, visits, meals, flowers, rides, and many other acts of kindness! The Old Sloop Fleet Crew Captains are Wendy Woodbury, Celene Lyon, Ruth Janet Taylor, David Emerson, and Liz Rice-Smith, with support from Pastor Derek and the Diaconate

You can help the Old Sloop Fleet continue to spread its comfort and joy by supporting the Christmas in July Regifting Auction after the service July 17 in the sanctuary.

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