A funeral or memorial service is a celebration of life as the deceased’s loved ones and community gather in the protective shelter of God’s healing love. We share stories, listen to God’s words of comfort through scripture or reading, pray, and infuse music throughout the service. Sometimes a video or slideshow of their life put to music is shared as well. Family members and friends are invited to take part in any way they are comfortable, offering a eulogy, a reading, or music. We end the service by commending their spirit to the loving embrace of God’s eternal love. We work hard to create a service that helps everyone to remember the one who has passed with love, laughter, and tears.

Here at the Old Sloop we offer:

  • funerals/memorial services for both members and non-members
  • funeral services with the casket or ashes  present
  • memorial services when there is no casket or ashes

Our pastor is also available to perform funerals or memorial services at a funeral home as well as at the graveside.

For a schedule of fees and honorarium for the pastor and musician, please contact the church office at or 978-546-6638.