Officers and Committee Members

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Rev. Derek van Gulden

Kevin Love

Bruce Coates

Treasurer of Mission Funds:
Jay Reed

Susan Lillis

Liz Rice-Smith

Assistant Treasurer:
Laurie McKenna


The Cabinet is the coordinating and policy-making body of the church. Its members are the Officers and a representative from each board and committee. It is chaired by the moderator.

Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee seeks candidates for the offices, boards, and committees of the church. Its members are representatives from the boards and committees.

The Diaconate works with the pastor in ministering to the spiritual needs of the church and the community.

Elizabeth Rice-Smith
Kate Desmond
Kernan Manion
Stephen Kalaghan
Evelyn Reed
Jim Schell
Barbara Reed

Board of Trustees
The Trustees are responsible for the church’s financial affairs and its property.

Rick Kasten
Geof Lyon
Janet Fox
Bill Elwell
Andrena Huntsman
Paul Hurst

Outreach Committee
The Outreach Committee studies social problems in the light of the Christian faith and disburses mission funds accordingly.

Jay Reed (ex-officio)
John Cooney
Anne Kistner

Wendy Woodbury
Jessica Hunt
Amy Seabrook
Janet Fox
Ann Kistner

Christian Education Committee
The Christian Education Committee works with the Christian Education/Faith Formation Director to lead education programs and activities for children and adults.

Kylah Brackett
Beverly Bernhard
Kylah Brackett
Susan Himml
Sharon Chace

Stewardship Committee
The Stewardship Committee oversees fundraising for the church’s operations and missions.

Barbara Sachs
Jim Schell
Jack Reed
Janet Fox

Music Committee
The Music Committee works with the music director to oversee the church’s music programs.

Rhiannon Hurst
Evelyn Reed
Jim Schell
John Cooney
Lucy Evans

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee seeks to attract new people to the church to deepen and maintain the involvement of the members of the congregation.

Susan Lillis
Barbara Sachs
Michele Coates
Chelsea Hale
Donna Schwenk

Personnel Committee
The Personnel Committee supports and advises staff members and mediates conflict between staff, committees, and members of the congregation.

Joe Chambers
Jessica Hunt
Paul Hurst

Pastor-Parish Relations Committee
The Pastor-Parish Relations Committee supports the relationship between the minister and members of the congregation.

Kate Desmond
Jim Schell
Debbie Welch
Janice Ramsden

Thriving Congregations Team
Debbie Welch
Katie Welch
Andrena Huntsman
Kate Desmond
Liz-Rice Smith
Leap Kasten

Board of Ushers
The Board of Ushers provides ushers for all services at the church.

Joe and Karen Chambers (February)
Jeff Taylor (March)
Barbara Reed (April)
Jack and Evelyn Reed (May)
Celene Lyon (June)
Karen Hurst (July)
Amy Seabrook (August)
Linda and Steve Rowell (September)
Chip Kistner (October)
Kathie McCarthy (November)
Liz Rice-Smith (December)
Susan Lillis (January)

Flower Committee
The Flower Committee ensures that flowers are provided and arranged for services.

Liz Rice-Smith (January)
Amy Seabrook (February)

Ann Kistner (March)
Ruth Janet Taylor (April)
Evelyn Reed (May)
Karen Chambers (June)
Louisa Casadei-Johnson (July)
Jill Carter (August)
Debbie Welch (September)
Pam Beck (October)
Susan Herron (November)
Celene Lyon (December)