Sharon Chace

Bit by Bit Biblical Poems

June 28, 2023
This blog, Bit by Bit Biblical Poems, succinctly explores biblical poems that are related to contemporary religious literature such as hymns, benedictions, prayers, and statements of faith. Biblical poetry embraces the ineffable experienced in the past and present. Ancient literature can bloom anew. The motto is: Bit by bit, insights lit.”

What are the types and forms of biblical poems? 

There are two basic types of biblical poems. One type is the stand-alone poem. Psalms are stand-alone poems. We will explore one psalm in the 4th blog. The other type is embedded poems in narratives or put another way, poems inside stories. In the first blog, you already read a poem from “Revelation” (no s on the end) that is embedded in narrative.

Biblical poems are not written in forms we use today such as sonnets, odes, pantoums, epics, and sestinas. However biblical poems are related to contemporary religious literature. Hymns, songs of praise, prayers, faith statements, blessings, benedictions, and free verse are parts of biblical poetry. Biblical poetry helps readers embrace the ineffable across centuries and cultures. Ancient literature can bloom anew.

Hope you have enjoyed this tiny taste. Remember our motto: “Bit by bit, insights lit.” The word “lit” has various meanings. I basically mean lit as lit up or lighted up. Lit can be an abbreviation for literature. People may have inner literature in words remembered. Biblical poems might become part of your inner literature.


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For new readers:

My goal is to present information about biblical poetry in short, readable pieces. The motto is “Bit by bit, insights lit.” Blogs will generally be 200 words or less; not counting the biblical quotation. The plan is to send 2 blogs per month for a total of 10-12 essays.