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Many hands make light work!

May 27, 2022
Congregants volunteer for Common Cathedral in Boston.

Many hands make light work!

by Katie Welch

May 22, 2022

Making sandwiches for Common Cathedral

At least once or twice a year our church participates in Common Cathedral (an outdoor congregation for the homeless and the housed) in Boston. This morning I walked into Fellowship Hall at 8:30 a.m. The tables were set up and people were already there to make the sandwiches and prepare the bagged lunches!

We started assembling sandwiches, bagging goldfish, sorting cookies, etc., and we were done by 9:30! We are so lucky to have so many committed people in our congregation to come early on a Sunday morning to help us make the 150 bagged lunches.

After Rev. Derek blessed us, Michelle Elwell, Jay Reed, Barbara Sachs, Laurie McKenna, Leap Kasten, and Katie Welch headed into Boston. We were happily received by some of the Common Cathedral members. Then we brought our bagged lunches to the fountain where lunch was served, prayers were shared, and lemonade was poured. We then worshiped and shared communion.

If you haven’t experienced outdoor worship on Boston Common, I highly recommend attending one, there is none like it! The members shared reflections on the scripture, spoke openly about their life situations, and prayed their hearts out. It is hard to explain the service without experiencing it yourself but ask any one of us who went, and we’d be glad to share the experience with you.

 Thank you to those in the congregation who helped with donations, made sandwiches, and drove/went into Boston! We are looking forward to the next time we can serve.

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