Welcome aboard!

June 9, 2022
Meet the three new members who joined the Old Sloop’s crew on Pentecost.

Welcome aboard!

by Camilla Ayers

June 8, 2022

The Deacons and members of the Membership Committee got to know the new and recent Old Sloop members as we shared our faith journeys in a series of recent gatherings. The meetings enabled us to learn about our common and divergent backgrounds and to share the faith that brings us together here. Alleluia!

This introduction will help you recognize Nancy Fox, her daughter Janet Fox, and Virginia B. Derr as we celebrate and welcome them into our church family.

Nancy and her husband John lived many years in Minnesota, where they owned a pharmacy. After their three children were grown, they retired to Florida. Nancy is a proud grandmother of five and great-grandmother of four. She lives with her daughter and enjoys the town. A granddaughter and three great-grandchildren are nearby.

Janet is a recently retired science teacher. Her subjects were high school physics, chemistry, and biology. After raising a family in Minnesota, Janet went on to Florida where she taught until retiring. She lives with her mother and is enjoying the beauty of Cape Ann and the friendliness of Rockporters.

Virginia is a retired UCC pastor, counselor, and hospital chaplain. She and her husband recently moved to Rockport after 20 years of retirement in Brunswick, Maine. They live with their youngest daughter, Mollie Derr, and her family. Virginia is already quite an addition to the Old Sloop online storytelling group. She’s anticipating her 90th birthday that’s coming soon.

Membership in this church is open to all. If you would like to know more about joining the Old Sloop, please contact Rev. Derek van Gulden () or one of the Deacons.